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HAL Synopsis

HAL is a virtual financial assistant that enriches people’s lives by enabling them to achieve financial objectives.

The reason behind this application is twofold:


  • The costliest mistake individuals make is not managing their finances.


  • There is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent in managing personal finances and the amount a person’s net worth increases.


When I started using Quicken in 1994, I saw the potential impact that this software could have in managing personal finances.  I was such a big fan of Quicken that I developed an app, the Interactive Feature, which allowed anytime, anywhere access to Quicken data.


Because of the expertise and time commitment required to correctly use Quicken, it became apparent that Quicken was not the vehicle to revolutionize personal financial management.  A fundamentally different approach was required.  HAL embodies that paradigm shift.


Although there’s a universal desire to be in control of one’s finances, personal financial management behavior has not kept pace with technology.  HAL addresses this issue with its top-down methodology in compiling financial information.  Such a process will be disruptive since it circumvents the structural flaws of today’s financial management applications.


HAL digitizes my twenty plus years of experience in managing personal finances.  Plus, it converts into digital format the knowledge of accountants, financial planners, and investment advisors.  Furthermore, HAL integrates voice recognition, natural language processing, algorithms, and AI deep learning in order to instantly provide applicable and accurate information so that better financial decisions can be made.


Ultimately, a financial app will not be successful unless it’s used often.  HAL is designed to do just that by being transactional in nature.  Users will have the capability to make purchases and perform other financial transactions.  No financial application has solved the engagement problem; the one that does will own the space.


Having at your fingertips useful financial information in conjunction with the stickiness factor will ensure that HAL is used multiple times a day.  It won’t take long before users wonder:  “How did I ever live without HAL?”

HAL's Mission

Witnessing firsthand the lack of financial literacy from educated and successful people, an interest to help them and others to get in control of their finances has turned into a burning desire.  I believe that my twenty plus years of financial management experience can help people to improve their financial lives, reach their financial goals, and achieve their financial freedom.


Except for health issues, finances have the biggest impact on people’s lives.  Finances influence whether or not someone has enough to eat, the capability to go to college, the means to weather an unforeseen event, such as a serious illness or even a car repair, the ability to have a decent life, and, in old age, the resources to live out their remaining years with dignity.


HAL will be beneficial to people; and, it will be good for society.  This is HAL’s mission.

HAL's Background FAQs

Below are ten background FAQs describing HAL’s journey.  They are quick explanations on various aspects of HAL.

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